Judge Reinhold makes any joke funnier.

The brains of finslippy are currently busy working for a faceless corporate giant this week. Said giant is soulless as well as faceless, but has roomy pockets stuffed with cash. So I'm writing about antioxidants (good!) and retirement planning (sensible!) all weekend, and then I get to shimmy up the giant's leg, extract my cash, and skitter away before he squashes me. Wait. What was my point?

Oh, right: I'm busy. Meanwhile, this is funnier than anything I could come up with. From Matthew Tobey's The City Of Floating Blogs:

Disney Asks Judge to Throw Out Pooh Suit

Walt Disney: Seriously, you stink! Throw it out.

Judge Reinhold: But I think I look handsome in my pooh suit.

Walt Disney: Oh screw it, just keep sucking.

Judge Reinhold: Okie dokie, boss.