It's time for a group hug RIGHT NOW.

Oh, how good you people are. I didn’t expect that a few comments would have such a palliative effect, but they were like a soothing balm, like a dollop of Icy Hot on my aching creaky soul. There’s something indescribably comforting about knowing that there are others out there also plugging away, with your folders full of crappy first drafts and your dishpan hands. As for me (because I know that’s why you’re here), I’ve managed to sit down at my computer and type actual words and I only almost-vomited a couple of times, so progress has been made.

As for posting my Other Works on Finslippy (as a few comments suggested), I’m of the opinion that the blog format isn’t equipped to hold anyone’s attention for any length of time, so I’m inclined to avoid posting anything longer or with any kind of narrative. However! If you want to see something I’ve written that has a Plot, and Characters, why, in a mere few weeks I will have a story out in Fence magazine, a distinguished literary journal that I tricked into publishing one of my stories. I told them it was good, and they TOTALLY BELIEVED ME. My story is called “The Panty Thief,” so you can only imagine what it’s about. (Here’s a hint: Panties!) When it arrives in bookstores, you’re sure as hell going to hear about it.

And now, because I love you all so much, I wanted to take this posting opportunity to Appreciate Others.

“Since when is Louie Anderson not dead?”* Fluid Pudding isn’t afraid to ask the important questions, and that is why I love her. You have to love someone who names their ovarian cyst (or cul-de-sac, or whatever the hell) Wolfgang and gives him lines like “Whoosh! And jab! Jab! Shock and awe! Shock and awe!” Don’t look at me like that! I said you have to!


*Dear Angela: if you would only add Permalinks to your entries, I could link directly to them.