I'm still gloating.

"Not only is Nancy Pelosi a woman, a woman with all kind of power, she’s from San Francisco.
And we all know what that means. It’ll be the Summer of Love, all over
again. Under her leadership, the House will be swathed in batik. On her
first day as Speaker, she will reveal her new look, which she will call
Stevie Nicks But With Dignity. Small squares of blotter paper will be
quietly slipped to all like-minded and/or groovy members. Her first act
as Speaker will be the “Cash, Grass, or Ass” bill, which she will argue is of vital importance—noting that in today’s economy, no one rides for free.
Small hand mirrors will provided to all congresswomen so that any of
them can, at any moment, explore their innermost secret selves."

Guess what the topic of this week's Wonderland column is. Go on, guess.