Quittin' time!

Here’s what you do when you have too much work: you abandon the one gig that pays serious cash. And presto chango, more time! To worry about your finances!

It was the corporate gig that was killing me. It's always the corporate gig. Scott has made me promise that I won’t take these kinds of jobs anymore. Every time I do, I exult in the increased income for exactly 3 days. Then I spend the rest of my tenure rending my garments over my stifled creativity, all those lost hours in which I could have realized my potential. I’m an incredible baby. So! I hereby pledge not to take any more corporate work. Unless, you know, I have to.

The day after the quitting, Henry woke up at 3:30 a.m. with a raging fever. I went in when I heard him calling, and he sat bolt upright and demanded to know what was on my chin. “Something on your chin is all sparkly and I think they’re dinosaur stickers! Sparkly dinosaurs! Can I have those cool sparkly dinosaur stickers?” I felt his piping hot forehead as he tried to pull my chin off. (Which, for the record, was sticker-free.)

The rest of the night was sleep-free: he was all manic and delirious, and we have one of those incredibly inaccurate ear thermometers that one moment would read 104.5 and then 102.4 and then 99.5 and then back up to 104, so I didn’t know whether to call his doctor or put him in an ice bath or just leave him alone. And yet I kept having these moments of giddiness when I realized I don’t have to freak out because he’ll be home tomorrow. He can be home and it’s okay.

The next day my brain was working less well than usual. I mean, I know I was tired but even when I’m tired, I rarely drop a Brita filter into chicken soup (long story) and stare at it for a full minute before realizing what I've done. I took my temperature, and according to 56 of the 58 readouts, I had also succumbed.

So I joined Henry under a blanket on the couch, and we watched “Singin’ in the Rain” (Henry’s new favorite movie, if you fast-forward past all that bothersome dialogue), and then we watched "Toy Story 2." And for once my brain wasn’t trying to get my body to leap off the couch, or mentally tallying everything I had to cram into the day. Even with the fever, it was the best time I'd had in a while. I hope it doesn’t take another virus to have that again.