Where am I? What is that white light?

Because I am taking a red-eye Saturday night back to not-at-all-unlovely Newark, New Jersey, I'm posting this baby in advance. So if my plane crashes into a field somewhere in Nebraska, it will be as if I am writing from beyond my fiery grave. Boooo! BoooooooooooOOOOooooo!

This is not a joke I could make if I were actually posting this publicly before I flew. I can post it as long as I know no one will see it until after I'm safely returned to Earth. (Or not. Barooooo!)

I'm pretty much terrified of flying, but I do it anyway because part of me is calm and rational, even when the other parts are going all wiggy. And spare your old chestnut about how flying is safer than driving, because I'm horrified by cars as well. I'm pretty much scared whenever I am required to move through space. I enjoy standing. Sitting. Perhaps napping.

Ironically, Alice made it safely home, only to meet an untimely end when a dirigible crashed into her bedroom.

I just know it's going to be a dirigible. You heard it here first!