Just trying to be hip to the vernacular, is all.

Scott and I were watching 30 Rock last night. I had a deadline, so of course I was watching TV. For inspiration!

TV: (Unintelligible remark out of Tracy Morgan's mouth)

Me: What did he say she lit on fire in the bathtub?

Scott: His … stinkers.

Me: Ah. (Chuckle.)

Me (internal monologue): Stinkers? Does he mean testicles? Are they calling them "stinkers" now? I like how I'm all "ho, ho!" about it when I have no idea what that means. And anyway how would she light them on fire if he was in the bath? Or maybe "stinkers" means his feet? Same problem, though, with the water thing. Except maybe his feet were hanging out of the tub? I just feel certain he meant testicles, I mean we all know that balls are worthy comedy material, but feet, not so much, unless you're five, I think Henry would get a kick out of calling his feet stinkers, but then again he'd get a bigger kick out of calling his testicles stinkers. Maybe calling testicles stinkers is a black thing? Is this a black joke I'm not getting?)

Scott: Oh, wait, he said sneakers.

Me: Oh, of course. (Pause.) What show are we watching, again?

P.S.: Wonderland column up today. See how much I do for you.