Use your inside voice, BBC World News

This morning I walked Henry to school and as we walked, he narrated a complicated story about something. I could pretend I know what he was talking about, but in reality I wasn't following a word of it. I lost the thread while I was trying to find his hat, and then I just let it go while he kept on talking. There were things or people exploding, that much I remember. Every time he let out a dramatic BLAM I would murmur, "Oh, my!" Beyond that I said, "Uh huh," "Really!", and "Wow." He was still talking as I handed him off to his teachers. I don't think he noticed or cared that no one was listening, the poor dear. I am sure the saga will still be going strong at pickup time.

Anyway, I got home, and I was getting my breakfast ready and trying to figure out what sort of side dishes I could make for my sister's Thanksgiving dinner, when I realized I had just said "Really!" and "Huh!" There was no one there, and the voice I was humoring? Was coming from NPR.

In my defense, they were really going on and on. I mean, okay, Chinese illegals coming over the Mexican border, we get it. Now go play with Legos, NPR, and let Mommy have a little quiet time.