It's the last day of NaBloPoMo, but the first day of everything else

I'm positively ebullient today, my friends. Ebullient! It's a fun word. It kind of reminds me of bouillon. Or bologna. I'm hungry.

First of all, my Wonderland post is up, so I can now relax. I never enjoy the hours leading up to a deadline. It doesn't matter how enjoyable the task is; whenever there's something I have to do, I get all whiny and petulant, and I moan about how I don't wanna and there's a new 30 Rock on and eeeeeeeuuuughh. Scott runs away from me and the animals shrink from my weird, desperate hugs, and eventually I realize I have no choice but to sit down and string some words together. But here I am, all done! I have triumphed yet again! Huzzah!

Secondly, Henry and I are heading to the library after school, where we will read until I'm hoarse and then we'll take out way more books than we can possibly read (or that I can carry without pulling something). I don't know why I enjoy the library, now that I've described it like that. Possibly it's because of the quality time with Henry? Well, yes, but that's the obvious answer. Also we'll get some hot chocolate at a local café, this sweet little place where Henry flirts with the staff. They love him there, even after The Incident, which occurred last winter: he was washing his hands in the bathroom and soap spurted into his eye, and he proceeded to run up and down the length of the store, screaming his head off. Eventually I managed to direct him to the exit before he scared off all the customers, but it took a while. The fact that they still let us in astounds me.

Charlie is curled up on a sunny patch and the cat is inches away from him, sprawled across an ottoman. She'd kill him if she had the chance, but for now, they're getting along. And me, I'm about to run on our fancy treadmill. I have discovered that I am a person who enjoys running. Life is full of surprises, my friends.

You know what else has me in a good mood? Your donations. They really mean a lot. I knew there was a reason I liked you. You look great in that color, by the way. Are you using a different shampoo? I can tell.