Why yes, I am an adolescent.

A few weeks ago I was listening to public radio when someone called in to say, "Hi, I have a big penis, I like to play with it." Brian Lehrer, professional that he is, cut him off with nary a comment and moved on. I, however, was thrilled and amused (it doesn't take much) and laughed for too long while hunting for the phone so I could call Scott. What was so funny was not just that a guy said this on the Brian Lehrer show, but that he said it in this perfect WNYC-caller voice, the breezy voice of your average liberal with season passes to Lincoln Center and a lifetime subscription to the New Yorker.

Henry, by the way, was in the room, and undoubtedly heard the words spoken on the radio, but didn't even blink. After all, if one has it, why wouldn't one want to play with it? Sounds like a reasonable topic of discussion.

Anyway, I called Scott, who laughed almost as hard as I did, which is why we get along so well. Then I made a few more calls. Then I thought, can I blog about this? I decided to be mature, and anyway, what else was there to say, except OH MY GOD THIS GUY TALKED ABOUT HIS PENIS ON WNYC HA HA HAAAAR. So after sharing my new favorite anecdote to my entire family on Thanksgiving, I decided to let it go.

But as you can see, ultimately I couldn't stop myself from sharing. It had to come out. And now that it's here, I feel so much better.

In conclusion, there's a new Wonderland post today. Happy weekend!