Back me!

Hello Internet! Me, hibernating, much days. Now me is returned here you! Not sure why writing this-way-like. But enjoy me. Happy to enjoy! So keep writing it like. This like.

It some snow here, then ice-rain-sleet, then snow more. Yesterday, Valentine for Henry, no school! Scott too stay. We: pancakes. Then: play date nice friends across street. Nice to have friends across! Icy streets almost kill but! No die. Come home back. Much playing, Scott, Henry. Racing around rooms of home-place. Me: try to writing, no writing. Watch snow fall. Feel brain turn like oats which cooked. Try to nap, no nap. Okay! Dinner! Henry say Best Day Ever. Me like too.

You write me. You write this like. Tell me, day, you. Yesterday? You snow? Snow good?