Plugging those who are not me

When you're done checking out my 44 seconds of anonymous co-fame at The Onion News Network, take a look at my blogroll. There are all kinds of new people over there. Like Mama Cooks! And Just Another Ink-Stained Wretch, who is as she describes. I like her. And there's Catherine Newman, who I am proud to list among my new set of BFsF. And last but not least, there's Exurbitude, who has a thing for antlered sharks.

I plugged The Sound of Young America in a previous post, and shortly thereafter TSOYA made its debut on NPR. I know deep in my heart that I made that happen. (Also, the flowers are blooming because I have willed it so.) Now I feel compelled to plug another product of young Jesse Thorn's radio/podcasting empire, that being Jordan, Jesse, Go! Listening to Jordan and Jesse, one might almost forget that one is alone most of the day and doesn’t have any friends around one who makes one laugh like Jordan makes Jesse laugh. Sometimes one might share an anecdote from JJG! and forget that it happened to someone whom one does not know! And then one might feel pathetic indeed. Still, though, it's worth it. I highly recommend listening to this podcast, starting with the first episode, and then you can feel like you got in on the ground floor of something awesomer than anything you can remember.

Also? Tropicana Orange/Strawberry/Banana Juice mixed with seltzer is a drink that's tops in my book. Seriously, it's like drinking a fizzy liquid Starburst, but without all that bothersome high-fructose corn syrup. Do it! I mean, drink it! You know what I mean!