Everything I learned about writing, I learned in 10th grade French class.

Hello! I am called Alice. What are you called? Here it is hot. It is very hot. It is not cold. There is no snow. It is very very humid. I like sandwiches!

I have a dog. My dog is named Charlie. I also have a cat. She is Izzy. Charlie and Izzy are not friends. Charlie is very afraid of Izzy. Charlie runs from the cat. Izzy likes to hit Charlie. Izzy has sharp claws. Izzy has small sharp teeth. Bad Izzy! Poor Charlie! Izzy has a bathroom in a box. It does not smell good. I clean her box bathroom. Would you like to go to the library?

At the library there are books.

Charlie wants to go outside. I go outside with Charlie. It is too hot. Charlie does not feel well in the stomach. Here is some water for you! Charlie does not drink the water. No, Charlie lies in the sun. Dogs are not smart. Shucks!

I am eating melon. I eat the kind of melon that begins with water. In hot weather, this melon is very good. Charlie, you cannot eat it! If you eat it, then you will sick on the lawn! It is refreshing.

I sit here outside. There are bees. I am afraid! The bee goes away. Celebration! I am also fatigued. Tomorrow it will rain. I hope. I would like to go to the beach, or perhaps the cinema. I like where it is not so hot. Have you seen my friend Jean-Pierre? I am waiting for him.

P.S. I want to tell you about a new writing. This writing is in the other place, called Wonderland. I forget to tell you! But here it is. Now we eat french fries and dance at the disco!