The suburbs are tougher than I thought.

Overheard at the library this afternoon:

Ten-Year-Old Girl #1: My grandma has a gun. She shot someone once. She got in jail.

Ten-Year-Old Girl #2 (while rolling her eyes): Psssht, everyone's grandma got in jail.

We're off to Montauk for the July 4th week, where we shall enjoy quality time with my parents. Beachtime with my family is a charged affair, as my olive-skinned Italian mother enjoys mocking me as I apply SPF Infinity and don my broad-brimmed sunhat and Kevlar bodysuit because you can't be too careful. You'd think she would have ceased her mockery after the cancerous lesions began sprouting all over her well-tanned hide. But no, she just has them excised, applies SPF 15 (amateur) and laughs some more. At me. This is the reaction of most people when they see just how pale I am (ask Liz!) but most people are polite enough to hide their laughter behind two hands or a sheet of tin foil.

Posting will be light but hopefull not nonexistent. I hope there will be broadband. Please God, let there be broadband.

Meanwhile, hey, I have a new post up at Wonderland. And there's one from last week, too! We had some comment trouble but all is working now, so comment away.