It'll all be better soon. Right? Right. Right!

Why yes, my upper back and shoulders ARE seizing up, thank you for asking! How could you tell? The way I keep leaning my head against one shoulder and then the other, wincing in pain, pawing at my shoulders like that's going to help anything? I guess that's a giveaway! Or was it when I shrieked MY BACK HURTS when my husband asked why I was muttering and gasping as I poured coffee? Husbands! They mean well!

Why do my shoulders hurt, you ask? Could it be because I'm owed almost four thousand dollars from a client who has owed me since March? And with the combination of my whopping dentist bills (thanks, cardboard teeth!) and an unexpected contractor visit, we now have no money? And the first preschool payment is due? And last night my husband informed me that WE CAN'T AFFORD PRESCHOOL just as I was attempting to drop off to sleep? And instead of sleeping I stared at the ceiling, clenching my jaw, plotting ways to make lots of money real fast? COULD THAT BE WHY?

No, I'm sure it's something else.

Hey, here's my Wonderland post for this week. Which I wrote at 1 a.m. last night, shortly before heading down to the basement and climbing on Henry's old rocking horse, whispering there must be more money into its fuzzy ears for a few hours. (It didn't work, by the way. Henry's rocking horse is only concerned with how pretty he is, wouldn't give me even a single tip for OTB. Never take advice from D.H. Lawrence. What's that you say? What's a "cautionary tale"? Can't hear you over the whispering house. And the literary references

Next week, Henry's in school all day, every day. (Which we can't afford! Ha ha! Ow!) Although I should be working hard, I will more likely be cavorting about town, skipping and singing and making an ass out of myself. I'll probably see this guy doing the same thing. Only I'll be sober.

Okay, less drunk.