Oh my.

I read every single comment from the previous post, and now I want to make out with each and every one of you. (Well, except for one of you. Yeah, you know who you are.) But let's face it: it can never be. My husband would be annoyed. I wouldn't be able to get anything done, what with all the traveling. My son would miss me. My lips would get chapped. I would get a reputation as a certain kind of girl, and then people would come here just to compliment me and get their bonus make-out session. And so, our love must remain chaste. But I'm not happy about it.

As overwhelmingly nice as it was to read your comments, it was also just overwhelming. I mean, how am I going to follow that? When nothing of any interest is going on over here?

Let's see. It's, hmm, sunny. Which is nice.


It's also windy. Before it was raining, and now it's sunny, and also windy. Scott, who is working from home today, observed, "Before there were bone-chilling rains, and now there is a bitter wind." He said this in his Charlton Heston-as-Moses voice. It's his way.


Oh, I know! I went to the doctor to get my head checked out. I was frightened enough by my headache event that I decided to find out if my head would explode any time soon. I almost canceled at the last minute, but then Scott reminded me how lately I have a headache every day. Not a horrifying half-of-the-head kind of pain, but just a general all-head thumpy thumpiness. I explained that that was from the unrelenting agony of living with him, but he was not convinced.

So, doctor, blah blah. He looked into my head and made me stand on one foot and do all the wacky neurological testing things that doctors have us do so they can laugh at us. The good news is I didn't have a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is what I was convinced was going on, even though the pain would have continued instead of fading and also I would most likely be dead. He suspected a cluster headache and referred me to a neurologist. The daily headaches are tension and probably arise from the unrelenting agony of living with my husband, he said. Really, he said that! Then he offered to make out with me.