Just a few examples.

I wanted to share with you some of the projects DonorsChoose is helping to fund. Because I am dimly aware that this challenge is about helping teachers in need, and my desire to WIN WIN WIN or your desire to see me shimmying and gyrating in a torn dress and too much eyeliner.

Ms. B, a teacher in Southern California, works with students who deal with gang violence, broken families, and poor healthcare and nutrition. Most of her 7th and 8th graders are reading at a third grade reading level. Right now the only books in her classroom library are those donated to her by retiring teachers, and she wants books that will engage and inspire them. "I want my children to be drawn in by books so that they not only read the books I assign, but also are able to LOVE reading and become life-long readers." All she needs is another $210 to change the lives of her students.

Then there's Ms. G., who wants to make writing less of an intimidating exercise for her challenged first graders. She wants to create an inviting writing center for them, and she needs pencils, markers, erasers—the basic stuff. With these materials, "they will be able to write stories, practice their newly learned words, make journals to use, and write letters to classmates and family members. The possibilities are endless!" She needs another $250 to make this come true.

And here's the final installment in my guilt-inducing campaign: Another Ms. G., this one from Ohio, is an ESL teacher who wants to supply her students, many of whom are Somali refugees, with colorful, kid-friendly magazines. "Your donation will change the lives of our students by providing current, exciting reading material that will enhance and even change the way these kids view learning and reading!" Ms. G needs $718 to fund her project.

The Blogger's Challenge is going to continue for the month of October, but I promise not to preach at you the entire time. Normal self-involved content will resume tomorrow. You've already helped raise over $2,000, and helped to fund over 15 projects! So thank you so much.