Get your Cringe book right here!

Okay, people: Tomato Nation is kicking my ass all over town. This cannot stand. If you want to see me dress as Pat Benatar, you've got to take action. I'm not asking for much. Seriously, if everyone reading this donated five dollars right now, I could pull ahead by the end of the day. And you know what that means! Headbands! Scott dressed up as a sleazy dance-parlor manager! I've already said too much!

Because it seems that love being a battlefield is not incentive enough, here's this:

If you donate in the next three hours (That's 11:30 am EST - 2:30 am EST) and email me with a receipt of your donation, you will be in the running for one of ten copies of Cringe, the hilarious anthology of teen angst edited by Sarah Brown. (Thank you, Sarah and Random House, for the gifts!) I will have a third party choose randomly from the emails I receive.

Important note: in order to be considered, your email must have the subject line CRINGE ME! Thank you in advance, lovely reading people.

P.S.: there's a new Alphamom column up. It's about the vice-presidential debate. I have opinions.