It was indeed the thermocoupler, and the bill was thrillingly small. The repair guy showed up at 8 p.m., so I had plenty of time to run around wearing three sweaters, moaning about how I was dying. Even though our heat is off most of the day, it doesn't seem quite as cold as it did yesterday, when we didn't have that early-morning blast to sustain us. My neighbor was telling me that they never turn on their heat, and I am still trying to wrap my mind around this. They don't like the bills, so they choose to be cold. How does one survive, in such a state? Does the constant shivering end, at some point, or is it like all-day aerobicizing?

You'll notice that today is the last day of October, and it's also the last day of the Donors Choose Blogger's Challenge. I decided to give you all a break and stop harassing you to donate, and accordingly most of you stopped donating, but still, Finslippy came in first among the mommy bloggers! So thank you very kindly for your donations. And since it's the last day, might some of you donate? I'm 21 dollars away from $5000, and it would be nice to round this baby up before the day is through. And no, I'm not doing the Pat Benatar video, I said I would do that if I won the entire challenge--which, okay, I kind of realized was impossible, given Tomato Nation's illustrious history. Readers have asked me to do the video anyway, which I considered, really I did, before we had this crazy idea to sell our house.

Speaking of which, we're moving back to Brooklyn. At some point. It's looking now like circumstances might keep us here until the spring. Which would make Henry very happy, as he's forgotten everything he loved about Brooklyn. That alone is reason enough to go back, but mostly we're going because Brooklyn still feels like home, almost three years later. We don't dislike New Jersey, but it wasn't the right fit for us. Sadly, we lived here just long enough that now we've made all these damn friends we're going to miss. But if we had moved back right away we might always have wondered if we should have given New Jersey a real chance. We'll miss a lot about this place, but we're excited to get back where we belong.

Hey, I've got a Wonderland post up today! And now I am off to costume my child. There is a Halloween parade at school, and Henry is Boba Fett.