Where does the time go?

Okay, so I'm glad Obama's the next president and all, but now I would like the sunlight to return. I don't know if you're experiencing this in your area, but since the election, we are living in a cloudy, rainy, perpetual twilight. Look, sun, we know you think Obama's going to do your work for you, but you know what? You have to keep pulling your weight. Get on that.

Besides this new administration-elect's weather problems, things are fairly status quo, over here. Henry has two days off from school, and we signed him up for two days of an all-day YMCA camp, and WOW, can I get more done in eight hours than I can in 2 hours fifty minutes. Unfortunately all that time stretching before me tends to make me 1) panic and b) doubt my abilities and III) decide that I'm an untalented hack and I should just eat Henry's Halloween candy and indulge in some self-loathing. But then I x) get over myself and 16) get back to work. I went through a few of those cycles yesterday. Because I am writing some crap, over here. Crap you will never see; crap that no one should ever be subjected to. Eventually I'll pretty it up and it will be fit for human eyes. Or I'll eat more fun-sized Snickers while setting my computer on fire.

And hey! Have you seen Momversation yet? Because everyone else has, and they're wondering why you haven’t. Momversation features mom-bloggers momversing in momversational videos on topics of interest—to moms! I'm in it, as well as Heather, Maggie, Asha of Parent Hacks, Mindy from The Mommy Blog, Rebecca from Girl's Gone Child, Daphne from Cool Mom, and Nataly from Work it, Mom. The first episode is up, and a second one will be up today, I believe, at any minute. I think the videos are turning out pretty great, and the first one convinced me that I needed a haircut, which I then went out and got! So it's already helped at least one person, who is me, and I think that's really what matters, here.

Also there's a new Wonderland column up. Ha-chaaaa!