Four more days.

Posting will be light this week, as we're enjoying our winter break. By "enjoying" I mean "trying not to kill each other during" and by "our" I mean "Henry's." We didn't read the school calendar, because we don't cotton to your Western linear notions of time units, and also because we forgot there was a calendar, with, like, information on it. It totally slipped our minds there was such a thing as winter break. I think we were pretending it didn't exist, hoping that if we just continued to drop him off at school the squirrels would entertain him all day. Somewhere deep in our hearts we knew about winter break; I mean, there was one last year, so we must have known. Was there one last year? Why yes, it seems there was. We have no excuse.

And now here I am with Henry, and no plans to speak of. I tried turning today's supermarket trip into a Super Secret Spy Mission, but my son rolled his eyes at me. Rolled his eyes. He's five! Who told him he could do that? Last year he would have believed just about anything was an adventure if I used enough! Exclamation! Points! To describe it! That was last year. Now I have a five-year-old, and he's too sophisticated for me. If anyone knows of any actual real-life spies who require an assistant for the week, please contact me.