Pop quiz!

If your child can have y, can he have y+1? Y+1 with a cookie? With two cookies? Why not? Why is Y okay but Y+1 not okay? Providing supporting arguments for your answers on a separate sheet of paper, if necessary.

If a nonsense phrase is sung repeatedly at X intervals, and the listener will go insane after a certain number of minutes, how many minutes prior to that point should the nonsense-phrase-singing be halted? Keeping in mind that maybe the nonsense-phrase-singing is fun to the singer and anyway it's keeping him out of your hair? And how do you stop the singing, anyway? Here's some graph paper for you.

Can your child have some candy during the movie? If you don't want to discuss it now, when do you want to discuss it? When can you have the candy discussion? If you're going to have that discussion in an hour, why can't you have it now? Why is an hour better than now? What time is it now? Is it almost time for that discussion? Why are you running away?

If you enjoy an activity and know your child would also enjoy it, your child will refuse to participate in it or discuss it, ever, for eternity. Explain the logic of this statement.

EXTRA CREDIT: Your child is finally back at school, and now you miss him. Make sense of that one, if you can.