We'll be rich! RICH!

Scott and I just got back from our tour of the local public elementary school, which Henry will be attending next year. You've probably heard me bitch about this before, but Henry just missed the cut-off date for kindergarten, which in New Jersey is October 1st. Henry's birthday is the 7th of October. Could they let us in anyway? They could not. Damn their rules!

I agree with the millions upon trillions of people who love telling us how this was for the best, but what they fail to take into consideration is that preschool is not free; nay, each month many many dollars are torn from our hands as we weep and fall onto the ground, rending our garments.

But next year! Oh, next year, my friends, it's public-school time for our boy. Thus, the tour. We asked questions and pretended to care about the answers, but really, as long as the school isn't in flames we'll send him there. Ha ha! Ideally it should be more than just not on fire. We have standards! Fortunately for everyone the school was both not on fire and also pretty great. The principal walked us around for over an hour, answering our questions, which went like this:

"So it's free, you say?"

"Really? Free?"

"How much is tuition? Come on, seriously."

"Don't bring me down with your 'local taxes' talk. What will we do with all that extra money?"

"Can you provide us with recipes for meals that aren't beans? Now that we're all rich?"

"I mean, not that I don't like beans. But enough already, am I right?"

"Can you tell us more about the free part?"

Beyond its freeness, there are many other attributes to the school. I think Henry will enjoy himself there. And we will enjoy him being there, as we wallow in our newfound riches.

There's a new Wonderland post up today. And now: lunch! So long, suckers!