Signs that I need to get out more

Actual dreams that I had in the last few days:

1. I was at the supermarket.

2. I put shampoo on my hair before wetting it. Weird!

3. That dream above, about the supermarket? That was it. The whole thing. I bought chicken.

4. And salad.

5. I was writing an email. I can't remember to whom.

6. I was sitting around with Scott, and we both realized we were in a dream, and I said we should do something crazy. We couldn't come up with anything. And then I fell asleep. In my dream.

Topics that I've considered addressing in my next post:

1. My kitty cat sure is getting fat!

2. Uh…

3. Really. She's fat.

4. Uh, Easter?

5. Well, Scott told me his work might dry up soon, and I was hyperventilating into paper bags for a while, but then he started a new project. So. Never mind.

6. If there's a cheese I dislike out there, I'll tell you, I haven't yet found it. Go, cheese.

Wake me when it's April. What are you people doing? Anything good?