Bully for you!

My new Wonderland column is up, and it's about bullying. Read it if you know what's good for you.

And wow, may I just say, now that I've done all this reading about school bullies, I am looking forward to Henry's entry into kindergarten a little bit less. Would it send the wrong message if I sent him to school in a helmet? Or a bubble?

I'm also realizing how easy I got off, bully-wise, in school. I regularly received threatening notes in junior high, but no matter how many times I learned that I would soon get the beating of my life, I never did. Perhaps the sniveling dissuaded my enemies. No one likes to get their fists wet.

The worst that happened is that the girls who wanted to beat me instead grabbed my LeSportsSac, mocked its contents, and broke my frosted blue eyeliner against the outside of the school. The sight of glittery light-blue smudged on brick can still move me to tears. Oh, Wet 'n' Wild Azure Dreams! You never had a chance!