Yet another sick day for two-thirds of us.

New Wonderland post up today. Read it! Comment! Not to pressure you, or anything.

Henry is home sick and Scott is home working, and the cat is plotting the dog's death. The house feels very full today. This is not a bad thing, necessarily. (Except for the dog.) Henry is right next to me, completing a Space Puzzle and shouting out random words, some of them real, others not so much. "Zucchini!" he shouts. "Zerf eeney! Zerf koo-eeney!" I asked him what any of those noises had to do with his puzzle, but he just shrugged. It's simply his way, to emit a constant stream of noise. The other day I pleaded with him to cease and desist the use of the phrase "Old Man Jenkins." I couldn't figure out why he kept saying it, and then later that day we ran into a bunch of his school friends, and he shouted "Old Man Jenkins!" and they all fell to the ground laughing. "Old Man Jenkins!" they shouted back. He is a comedy maverick. And me, I just sit here, writing down what he says.