No sickness over here! Nope!

Okay, well now that two (2!) commenters have observed that both Henry and I get sick "a lot," I'm feeling all defensive about my sinus infection or whatever it is that's currently consuming the inside of my face. Shut up! I am not sick a lot! Where are my tissues!

Actually I thought we were doing remarkably well, considering the multitude of viruses being distributed like party favors amongst his peers. Then, of course, MELISSA decided to come to our house, and cough all over our stuff. "Please stop kissing my son on the lips," I begged her , but she just laughed and told me to lighten up. And then sneezed all over his Bionicle.

Henry's sickness on Thursday and Friday was this low-grade-fever-but-not-much-else virus that seems to be sweeping through town. The kind that leaves them unwell enough to have to stay home but energetic enough to drive you nuts. The virus seemed to afflict Henry in such a way that it dangerously elevated his charm level. He kept gazing at me and saying things like "I'm really enjoying this nice quiet time with you." It was… alarming. I tried to remain calm.

I don't know if Wondertime is out on the stands yet, but we received our copies of the May issue, with Henry adorning its pages, and we heartily approve. Henry took a copy of the magazine to school with him this morning. "I'm famous," he told his teacher, and held out the magazine as proof.

And now I'm off to irrigate my head-holes, or whatever it is I need to do to breathe.