Spring break

Readers, my son is at my parents' house all week, and you know what that means. I'm not wearing any pants! Is what it means!

Okay, actually, I am wearing pants right now. But in spirit, I am as pantsless as the day I was born.

When I left Henry today, he was casually announcing to my mom that he couldn't help but notice that right next to the new adventure park in her town (the one where they're spending the day) there's an ice-cream stand, you know, so in case they needed some ice cream after riding some rides, well, there it is! Isn't that convenient! And then my mom said, "And I think after ice cream we should get you some more Legos for our house." Henry concurred, then glanced at me and said, "Okay, bye, Mom." Get out of here before you make some stupid speech about moderation, woman. My boy is going to miss me something fierce! I can feel it!

While Henry's over there, I am going to be here catching up on many long overdue projects and deadlines and plants that need planting. And mulch! My god, there's so much mulch to be, you know. Put down. Around the, uh, plants, and such. It's a wonder I haven't killed the neighbors' gardens, along with my own. Anyway, this is all to say that as I will be Going Wild all week, I will not be so much with the posting on this here web-log Internet site. Barring some sort of extraordinary occurrence, like I'm arrested for speeding while nude and I need you to bail me out. I am almost sure this won't happen again, though, so try not to worry.