I'm here!

I beg your forgiveness, as I am both besieged with work and also under the weather. I have a cold and/or allergies and some sort of stomachy unhappiness to boot. Terrible noises are emanating from my person. I want chicken soup. BRING ME CHICKEN SOUP.

Spring is sort of here, but not really, but I opened a window anyway. Boy, there's news for you. "It is Slightly Chilly, But Nevertheless, Alice Has Opened a Window". There. Can I go back to sleep? Anyway, now Izzy (the cat, for those of you not up to date on our pets) has pressed herself against the screen and her eyes are bigger than her head right now and every ounce of her is twitching. HOLY. CRAP. THERE ARE BIRDS RIGHT THERE IWILLEATTHEM. She's the happiest being in the house right now. Charlie is the happiest being on the property, as he is gallivanting around the backyard, eating grass, dreaming about when and where he can barf up all the grass he's been enjoying.

Oh, God, that's it. Henry's still at school, I'm here drinking tepid tea and clutching my abdomen, and I am officially the most boring person on the planet. Forgive me.