Why, hello there. You know what helps one feel better? Prozac, and a Wii. Did I mention that last week was my birthday? And nine days before that was Scott's birthday? So we bought each other a Wii. Also, it's our ninth anniversary, um, tomorrow. And lo, we have a Wii! It's a present that keeps on giving. The Wii, that is. (Okay, also the medication. Huzzah for medication! Damn the naysayers!)

I am 39 now. And Scott turned 38. He's a baby. For nine days we were the same age, so we walked around nodding at each other. "Whoa," Scott said, and I said, "yup." He finally got it. Then I hurtled ahead of him and now he can't possibly understand my perspective on anything. I was born in the SIXTIES, man. It was DIFFERENT.