Sub. Mit.

Let's talk about Blogher. It appears that I am going to this year's conference. Last year I wasn't there, and I wept bitter tears all over my keyboard. Never again. Or at least not this year. This year I cry in person. All over you.

So this year there's going to be going to be a Community Keynote, a project spearheaded by one "Ms. Eden Kennedy," whomever she is. I hear she's tall. The keynote will be comprised of readings by you, the blogging people of the blogging world. Bloggers are invited to submit their favorite posts, and 20 of them will be chosen. I'll be helping with the selection, in the humor category. Go to this post to find out more. You also have to send the post to other people, not just me. So don't just start sending me stuff. I thank you.