Thank you.

I get the feeling this isn't the first time I titled a post "thank you," but I don't think you all hear it enough, considering how much you've given me. I had no hopes for any benefit coming out of that previous post, beyond at least getting the task of posting something off my plate. But the response I received—it absolutely floored me. I didn't think it was possible for comments and emails to help me that much. Just to be able to explain this weird place I'm in was an immense relief, but also knowing that so many of you are out there, rooting for me? I can't even begin to describe what you did. That night was the first time since I came home that I managed to eat any sort of actual food. So thank you, thank you, wonderful people. If I could write you all individual thank-you notes on the extra-good stationery I save for special occasions, I would surely do so. But let's face it, I'm too lazy for that, and I don't know your addresses. It's just not practical. Try and understand.

So. Somehow I managed to write a Wonderland post this week. It may make a little bit of sense. No guarantees, of course.