Three questions

First of all, did you notice that I put a search function in here? Did you notice? It's below the fold, on the left. My margins are getting a little too chock full of stuff, I know. If I had any design know-how in any way I would fix all of this, I really would. I would design the crap out of this site. Instead I just tootle along with my Typepad templates, hoping no one notices what a mess this is all is.

Secondly, have you been reading Wonderland? Because last Friday I wrote about Henry's eccentric food habits, and I've been too scared to go back and read the comments. In my imagination, my Wonderland readers have all joined against me and taken over the site to discuss what can be done about my poor mothering skills. So why don't you see what's up over there, make sure it's safe for me to return.

Finally! Are you aware that I am going to be in Brooklyn this Friday, signing copies of Sleep is for the Weak? Did you have any idea? And do you know that this means you can meet me, in person? I mean, you won't know it's me, of course, because due to my overwhelming social anxiety I have to wear an oversized papier-maché Dumbo head. I also hire other people to wear copies of the head, to serve as decoys. It's pretty confusing. Just be glad I don't wear the rest of the costume anymore. Progress!

As I was saying. The signing is at 5 p.m., at the Tea Lounge , 837 Union Street, in Park Slope. (Coincidentally, my second post ever written, back when I thought this site would only be read by my husband, was about the Tea Lounge.) I will be signing with my esteemed peers Rita Arens, Liz Gumbinner, Joanna Polyn, Doug French, Karen of Cheek, AND Stacy Morrison. That's a lot of talent in one room. You can purchase your copy of Sleep is for the Weak right there, too, so you don't even have to bring a copy with you! How could you not come? You couldn't. Not come. So come. Good. Thank you.