Happy 2009! Ow.

Well, hello, and why yes, I am hungover. What better time to write a blog post?

I've tried to write a wrap-up of 2008 but every time, I get a little weepy. I don't want to say that the entire year was a wash-out. Amazing, wonderful things happened this year. (Then some other stuff that wasn't so good.) But in general I just want to MOVE FORWARD! And look to THE FUTURE!

The future, it seems, is now. Here we are in 2009. So far, 2009 is quite cold. My 2009 head hurts a little. Scott and I stayed home last night, making up ludicrous toasts by the light of our crackling, carcinogenic Duraflame fire. I tried to get him drunk, Internet, but only succeeded in getting myself drunk, which as my friends know is not hard to do. I can get tipsy just smelling some wine. In fact, the thought of it—whoops, I'm drunk now. Crap.

I don't usually do resolutions, but this new 2009 me is thinking hard about them. First, though, I need some Tylenol. Meanwhile: Happy New Year, folks. I hope this year brings you everything you wish for.