Liz under the bridge

I'm hard at work on an EXCITING UNNAMED PROJECT that you will soon hear all about. Until I can unveil said EXCITING UNNAMED PROJECT, you'll just have to wait expectantly and imagine the wonders that will be contained therein. To distract yourself from all this painful anticipation, may I suggest visiting another blog? Specifically, my sister's?

That's right—my sister Liz now has her very own blog. Liz is (ahem) a little older than me; her children are full-grown and out of the house, so she has a very different perspective. I am betting she has not recently stepped in any one else's throw-up, for instance. Lucky! She blogs about the unique joys of the empty-nester, like enjoying dinner with your kids and then having them leave at the end of the night. I swoon a little when she describes what this is like. Tell me more, I say. Also tell me about how you don't have to drag a little boy into bed every night. Or drag him out of bed every morning. Apparently there's no dragging of children at ALL in her life. I can't imagine it, but she swears it's true.

Liz is one of my best friends as well as my sister, and she's always been a huge supporter of my writing. (In fact, I started this blog because she suggested it. When you have a sister as smart as Liz, you're wise to do whatever she says.) I'm thrilled to be her cheerleader, for once. Her blog is still young and finding its footing, but I think she's going to be fantastic at this. Go, Liz!