Business Time. Part Whatever.

Item! I'll be on the Today Show tomorrow, Tuesday, at around 10:30 a.m. I will be appearing with Laura Fortner from CafeMom and Melissa Garcia from Consumer Queen. According to the producer, three of us will enter, but only one will leave. I wonder what she meant by that? I'm hiding a shiv in my waistband, just in case. You know that Kathie Lee's probably quick with a knife.

Other item! As you may or may not know, Eden Kennedy and I launched Let's Panic About Babies a few weeks ago, and it's still going strong. Let's Panic now has all manner of new funny material since the last time I mentioned it. In fact, we've been updating weekly. Weekly! If I ever get my act together, I might just put up the button in my sidebar. Strike that: I WILL put it up. That's the kind of attitude winners have, my friends, and that's the kind of attitude I ALSO HAVE. Those capital letters show DETERMINATION.

There is one more item! In last week's Momversation, I and my fellow panelists held forth on how to stop procrastinating. This episode really catapulted my hypocritical skills to the next level, as I am, in reality, a master at not getting anything done. On the other hand, I do have more procrastination-killing tips and tricks on hand than the average productive human being. I just forget to use them. And I've noticed lately that my Inner Procrastinator is more and more adept at dodging my halfhearted strategies until I don't even know I'm procrastinating. Recently emerged procrastination ploys include Sudden Acute Upset Over Long-Buried Emotional Scars (I can't work! I have to call my therapist!) or Acute-Onset Work-Exacerbated Loneliness (I can't work! I have to go talk to that neighbor downstairs with the orange toenails! I wonder if that's a disorder or something, with her toenails. I'll bring her cookies!) or my favorite, Acute Vague-Symptom Preoccupation, Followed by Acute Google Compulsion (I can't work! I am surely dying and if I don't check my symptoms it will be TOO LATE!).

Hey, guess what? Today a new procrastination method emerged: Acute Need to Double-Check Outfit For Tomorrow, I Mean, It's Live TV for God's Sake. How can I work when my boobs might fall out of my top, right in front of millions of viewers?

But then, if they do, I'll be a hit on YouTube.