Here are some more words for you

Well! Eden arrived on Friday, and we have been working like small animals that are writing a book might work, if they knew how to write, or even knew what books are.

I am happy to report that our book is 76.3 percent finished, and 87.1 percent funny. We're feeling awfully pleased with ourselves right now.

Yesterday we took the night off to celebrate Eden's birthday by bowling with some friends, and my present to Eden was to let her win, because not everyone knows this but I am a world-class bowler. That 48 I bowled last night was nothing less than an ACT OF LOVE. She couldn't hear me, but each time it was my turn I would hoist the ball, whisper "For Eden," and hurl it straight into the gutter. The things I do for my friends! Some of our friends wondered why I didn't bowl a LITTLE more decently--I mean, what with all of Eden's strikes and spares and whatever, I probably didn't need to take THAT much a dive. They just don't understand that for me it's all or nothing. I don't do things halfway, people.

Then at 1 a.m. Henry woke up feverish and aching, and I spent a lot of time when I should have been sleeping either 1) tending to him or 2) worrying about him, which is why you're getting a half-awake play-by-play of what I've been doing, and not something...else. Something better. A good thing. At any rate, there's nothing sadder than your kid whispering, "I need you to comfort me" and imploring you to sleep in his bed, so I tried to do that, but it was impossible. First of all, little kids? They move around like CRAZY. Also I am always cold, and need multiple layers of blankets, as well as flannel jammies and a warm dog nestling in the crook of an arm or leg or whatever crook he chooses. My son insists on sleeping unclothed, with only a sheet, AND a fan blowing on him. Completely nuts. Even with his feverish body next to mine, I was shivering too hard to sleep. So I gave up after a while, but by then he was half-asleep and fine with me leaving and not having to listen to my teeth chatter.

The End. Wasn't that a good story? About me trying to sleep? Even when sleep-deprived, I am a world-class storyteller. Aaaaaauuuuuugh.