Who WOULDN'T want to work with me?

[Setting. Eden's mother-in-law's apartment. Late morning. Alice has just arrived, after claiming for the Nth time that the train "took too long." Sure, Alice, blame the MTA. Again.]

Eden [sitting down to work]: So I was thinking that Chapter 16 might need a bit more--

Alice: God, I'm so hungry.

Eden: Oh, sure, there are some snacks in the--

Aiice: [running to the kitchen] [rummaging through cupboards, breaking some things]

Eden: Got everything you need in there?

Alice: [more breaking sounds] [returns laden with snacks]

Eden: So as I was saying, Chapter 16 is--

Alice: These are good, but I wish we had some real food. Like a stew. Or a soup.

Eden: Right! Some Boeuf Bourguignon would really hit the spot.

Alice: Yeah. [stares at Eden expectantly.]

Eden: Soooo. Chapter 16.

Alice: Right!

[They work for 3.7 minutes.]

Alice: Oh my GOD I can't stay awake. Did I mention how my kid kept me up all night? Because of his SICKNESS? I should try to stay awake for the book, DAMN MY WELL-BEING, I'll just drink more coffee and then zzzzzzzzzzz.

Eden: Uh...Alice?

Alice: [jumping up] WHERE AM I?!

Eden:Why don't you take a rest in--

Alice: Good idea! I won't be more than a few minutes.

[Alice lurches off to the bedroom.]

[90 minutes later...]

Alice: I drooled on the pillows. All of them. Sorry about that.

Eden: Oh. Well, you know. They'll dry off.

Alice: Probably. I mean, eventually.

Eden: Okay! It looks like I'm pretty much done with Chapter 16.

Alice: Great! Man, we got a lot done today. Let's order a pizza.

That's pretty much how yesterday went, but I'm sure today I'll be more productive! Only Eden isn't answering her phone, and she mentioned yesterday that she had a sore throat, so I'm hoping we haven't infected her with our household plague. She's never going to want to come to NYC again.