Here's to you, Mrs. Kennedy

Eden was here for two weeks. And oh, how we worked. By the end we had added almost 9,000 words to our manuscript. We actually wrote quite a bit more, because countless other, less-good words were deleted. So many words. My brain still hurts, from all the idea-making and subsequent word-typing actions.

17 chapters.

We've got 17 chapters. Plus an introduction. And holy crap, they're almost done. I stress ALMOST.

At Eden's MIL's place.

Sometimes we worked at my place, but mostly we were at Eden's mother-in-law's apartment. Which was nice, but, sadly, pet-free. And everyone knows you need pets to get you through when you think everything you're writing sucks.

Izzy liked having Eden here, too.

More pictures of us working.

Being here also meant being with Scott, who liked to take pictures of us at work. Oh man, do I need a haircut.

Mighty Tea.

I think we consumed at least 30 cups of tea. Maybe almost that much coffee.

Charlie, resting, as always.

And yet still I kept falling asleep. What can I say? Writing is hard, and hard work makes me sleepy. But then, most things make me sleepy. Sunlight, for instance, and sitting. It's not hard to get me to nod off.

I invited Eden more than once to an afternoon dance break, but she never once took me up on it. Not once! She just smiled and kept working as I jerked my limbs around in a futile attempt to stay awake.

Izzy waiting to talk to Jackson.

Then she called Jackson, so he could say hi to the cat.

At work

It was hard, all that work, but I kind of want to do it all over again. She makes an excellent writing partner. These are not easy to find. If you're going to need a writing partner, you couldn't do much better. Hands off Eden, though--you get your own.


Dance break!