Allow me to bask in my occasional greatness.

This occurred yesterday morning. I am paraphrasing somewhat.

Henry: I am being inexplicably grouchy about this tiny thing I have to do when I first get to school. Therefore I will refuse to go to school today. I am now saying that school is horrible, as is life, and you.

Scott: I am upset because you have to get to school! I am saying stuff!

Me: I remain calm and analytical. Are you actually just worried about the aforementioned tiny thing? Is this small glitch in your routine throwing everything off?

Henry: Huh. I am now realizing how right you are. But nothing will solve my worry, so I remain hopeless.

Me: I am coming up with ideas. For instance, I could write a note to your teacher explaining the tiny thing. Will that make everything better?

Henry: Let me think. Yes. It makes everything ONE HUNDRED PERCENT better.

Me: I have solved everything!

Henry: You have! I am now happy, and no longer hate life, OR you.

Scott: Your mother is the best mother ever. I am shamed.

Me: I will concede that you occasionally have your moments of excellence, but this was mine. All mine.

Henry: Allow me to gaze at you in adoration.

Me: I will allow it.

Both Scott and Henry stare in wonderment as I begin to radiate a slight but distinct maternal glow. Roll credits.