Getting down to work

So Mrs. Kennedy, my writing partner/reason for living, arrives tonight so that we may enjoy two intense weeks of work on our book. Our writing schedule thus far has gone like this: 1) write alternate chapters (I get the odds, she the evens), 2) read the other person’s chapters, and 3) cackle with glee. Writing a humor book with someone else has many advantages, not the least of which is that, while your own writing no longer seems funny after the fourth or fifth read-through, you still get to be surprised and delighted by the other person’s hilarity. The other advantage is that you only have to write half a book. That’s a big one.

People have asked me (and by people, I mean the imaginary journalists interviewing me in my rich fantasy life) how we can alternate chapters—aren’t we afraid there will be no continuity? That it will be obvious that different people wrote different chapters? The answer is of course that we fear nothing. We laugh in the face of danger. We would scale a sheer cliff with our bare, bloodied hands; why would we worry about this “lack of continuity” of which you speak?

The real answer is that we’ve been working on this idea for so long, we have the voice down pat. At this point, we are as one. Besides, we’ll be editing it together, so wherever Eden has launched into another inexplicable stream of obscenities, I’ll simply cut that out, and distract her with some Junior Mints. You’d be surprised how much I have to do this.

In real life, I've been asked how we share files. One word: Dropbox. I asked Twitter for recommendations on good ways to share files back and forth, and the answer returned: Dropbox, Dropbox, Dropbox. And that answer was correct. It could not be easier. I have a folder on my computer that also lives on the Dropbox site and on Eden’s computer. It’s like magic.

Any more questions? Ah, yes—Helen Thomas. “How do you get your hair so pretty?”?! I don’t see how that’s relevant here, Helen.