Fears, errors, boots.

Good morning! Redbook has put my January column online, which you can read here.

In Scott's defense, his own memory of the "Thriller" video was patchy. He recalled the prancing and cavorting zombies, but his brain had skipped over the earlier part, when a sweet young Michael Jackson glances at the full moon and promptly morphs into a bloodthirsty werewolf. He probably wasn't remembering the undead rotting corpses dragging themselves out of their mist-shrouded graves, blood oozing from their mouths. It also wasn't obvious how shaken Henry was from watching it. Until a little while later, when he refused to go to the bathroom by himself.

(Can you tell that I just found out how to make shaded block quotes?)

Comment over there, if you liked the column. Comment even if you didn't. Only lie and say you did. Lie and lie and lie some more.

And here’s this week’s Momversation episode, in which we discuss our grave parental missteps.

I couldn’t think up a particularly entertaining anecdote for this video. (Even though it was my topic. Good job, Bradley.) As I said in the edited-out part, my errors are of the small, quotidian variety, the kind that will accumulate in my child’s psyche until he’s forced to seek out daily psychoanalysis after he drops out of college. (But hey, he can afford daily psychoanalysis? I must have done something right.)

And just because I feel like linking to something else—it snowed today, which means I get to wear my new snow boots. I had my old boots since before Henry was born, and they were comfortable and effective and DAMN IT I wanted to be rid of them, because they were so hard to get on I would end up sweating and cursing and mad at the universe. After listening to me cursing and bitching for the umpteenth time, Scott advised me to buy a new pair, so I did. They showed up when my mom was here, and while I found them quirky and adorable she thought they were hideous, which gave me a weird adolescent thrill. Whatever, old lady! You just don’t GET my generation!

Listen. I take my thrills where I can.