On second thought, they're probably stoned.

I seem to go to the Y whenever the aquarobics class has just let out, which means that the women's locker room is often filled with a large group of older ladies. This was true in New Jersey as well. And in both places, whenever I manage to get there while they're toweling off, I can barely get dressed because I'm laughing so hard. They are always, every time, hilarious. I thought the hilarity was unique to the group in Jersey, but unless those women all moved here when I did, this is a thing.

And let me be clear: I'm not laughing at them. They are not unintentionally funny. Nope, they are fall-down, I-would-pay-to-watch-this funny. They inevitably start cataloguing the failures of their bodies and minds and their husband's bodies (and minds), which sounds depressing, but they are positively giddy while they're doing it. Today one woman finished a description of her increasing waist size with the observation, "The body changes," and the other women started whooping and one woman cried out "NO SHIT" and maybe you had to be there, but I'm telling you, it was hilarious.

I'm pretty sure they're drunk. These ladies all get stinking drunk and then they go to aquarobics! Come on. It makes sense. At any rate, even if they're sober WHICH I DOUBT, they make me consider taking aquarobics with them.

In conclusion, let's all admire Bea Arthur.