All right, winter, SERIOUSLY. Enough already.

Henry looked up from his Legos the other day to announce, "We need some color around here."

"Agreed," I said.

We talked paint colors for a bit. He went back to playing. Then he looked up again.
"I want Spring to get here now," he said.

Holy crap, kid. You and me both.

view down the street

Would you look at this? This was during my morning walk with Charlie.

Slushterfuck 2010

Those falling things? Those are wet heavy snowflakes the size of dinner plates. STOP IT.

Not quite snow, not quite rain

UNACCEPTABLE, weather. Cut it out.

Charlie does not like the slush

Charlie got wet. His paws were all muddy. He does not enjoy either of those things. Weather, you are being stupid.

On the bright side, our book is due in four days, so at least the slushy grayness is keeping me inside, where I belong. But come March 1st, I want to start seeing some signs of Spring approaching. Or I don't know what I'll do.