What happens when you forget to make your ritual offering to Steve Jobs

My long, unprecedented run of good health has come to an end, my friends. I have been felled by something that has invaded my head- and face-parts. It may be a bad cold, or the flu, or an infection, or a terminal head illness. Whatever it is, it is no fun at all. I do not recommend getting this. Stay far away from me.

Right before I was stricken, my Macbook died. It died suddenly and with little warning. Fortunately I like to talk to myself, so when I said, “Huh, that’s weird,” and “Uh-oh,” Scott asked what was wrong, and when I described the odd behaviors my laptop was exhibiting, he calmly instructed me to step away from the laptop so that he could back everything up. I was sure he was overreacting, because we all know that Macs are magical objects endowed with formidable powers by immortal technology-pixies. I had probably angered my laptop’s anima by eating an almond croissant over the keyboard. I tried to reassure the Spirits that I would never again show such disrespect, but then Scott knocked me aside and backed everything up to a hard drive.

It is just now occurring to me that this illness is clearly Scott’s fault. Either because he didn’t allow me to resolve my computing crisis spiritually, and as a result enraged the spirits who then fled the laptop and flew straight into my sinuses, or because he was sick a few days before me. I’m going with the first explanation. I know the difference between a virus and an attack incited by laptop-desecration. THANKS, Scott.

Despite my nearing death and not having my laptop, Eden and I still managed to update Let’s Panic About Babies!, because we will stop at nothing to give you new content. Did you know that we’re now updating it every week? “Now” meaning “since we finished writing the book, which took up way more time than we had anticipated”? You may have already suspected this, but book-writing can eat up your time but good. If you want to also update the website that is the reason you got the book deal in the first place, you’re going to have to give up something else, like shaving. So when I say we'll "stop at nothing," I actually mean "nothing except the time we need to engage in our regular lives and not alienate our friends and family for good. Right? I mean, let's not get hysterical."

There are many updates to the site, so I recommend that you get over there. And start reading. Please know that we are always looking for questions to answer, so don't hesitate to contact us. That is, unless you have any pressing issues that you need serious answers for, because that's not what we do. If you want to see us dance like monkeys for your amusement, on the other hand, do not hesitate to let us know what "questions" you want “answered.” Thank you. I'm going to go back to bed now.