In the June issue of Redbook...

I'm not in the July issue, because occasionally they bump me due to space issues. Apparently advertising is more important than me. And because the advertising means I get paid, I do not complain. To them. Actually sometimes I do anyway. They're quite patient with me.

At any rate, here's my latest column. I'll be in the August issue, which I believe hits newsstands in late July. Which is ridiculously soon. Does it seem like the summer is almost over, already? Is that just me?

I've been a chronic worrier ever since childhood. Early in life, I reached the conclusion that bad things always seem to happen when you least expect them, so the smart thing to do is simply expect them, and that keeps them away. In the many stories I had read about people who suffered catastrophes, no one ever expected them. Why didn't anyone write books about the people who anticipated all manner of disasters? Because those people led completely disaster-free lives, obviously. That's just good logic!

That's only a small chunk of it, you understand. There's more! It's over there. Please visit, read, comment, tell Redbook how irreplaceable I am. Not that they're thinking of replacing me! At least, I don't think. Oh, dear.