Happy new year! Did you all have a good Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Druidic solstice ritual? Anyone burn a Wicker Man? It's okay. I won't judge your insane pagan rituals.

We sure as hell had a good time. We hosted a Christmas brunch for my immediate family, somehow managing to cram the whole clan into our space-challenged living room. (Note to myself: become a millionaire, purchase luxurious townhouse. Maybe a resolution for 2012?) Both my nephews couldn't join us, and they sent me regretful emails and I was all THAT'S FINE OKAY BYE NOW because listen they take up a lot of space.

It wasn't my idea for them both to grow up so tall and musclebound.

Henry had an amazing day despite his cold, but the good news is he managed to transmit the virus to both myself and Scott. I was feeling pretty smug about how healthy I've been since adopting the Paleo lifestyle, so obviously the Lord (working through my Only Son) smote me. He does stuff like that when it's his birthday.

Last week we did nothing and it was pretty much the best thing ever even though my throat hurt and I whined a bunch. I have no problem sleeping until noon and not ever getting out of my pajamas--I mean LOUNGEWEAR. Note to self: become reclusive millionaire.

One of my gifts this year was An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers. I like to draw and sketch and whatnot, but I haven't made it a priority because it seems to take over my brain. Once I start I have a very hard time wanting to do anything else, like acknowledging my family, or showering. So yes, I avoid it because I love it too much. That makes sense.

But this book, you guys. This book inspired me like no one's business. I got out a sketchbook and my watercolor set and brushes, and I went to town. "Town" being my living room, where I sketched everything around me.


This is pretty much all I did all week. I've missed it SO DAMN MUCH.


I did go outside once, where I sketched my dog peeing. It was a moment crying out to be captured!


I'm now so in love with this daily sketch habit that I decided I was going to start a WHOLE NEW BLOG and POST MY DAILY SKETCHES ON IT and etc etc ALL CAPS BIG IDEAS. But then the coffee wore off and it occurred to me maybe not to make this a big-deal project but instead just enjoy myself. And occasionally share my sketches with you! I like you.