Happy new year!

Hazel says hey. 

Hazel says hey. 

Let's do this thing, 2016. Let's blog like no one's reading. 

You'll notice that the place looks different. The last design lived on an older version of Squarespace, and that version no longer works well—or at all, really. (This is one of the reasons I wasn't updating, but only one.) When I updated I decided to go back to basics, at least for now. For now. 

While I was away I began a podcast with my friend/role model Deanna Zandt. It's called The League of Awkward Unicorns, and we're talking about mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc. etc.) and emotional wellness (things that help, whether it's medication, exercise, or wrapping oneself up in a Snuggie while binge-watching The Mindy Project). Find us on iTunes here. Read an article about us here! Listen and let me what you think. We've only just begun. 

Some readers will recall that the last post on Finslippy used to be "In Defense of Small Talk." When I migrated my content that post went missing, but fortunately it's also on Medium. 

A lot of things have happened since I've been gone. Scott's beard is grayer; my beard is thicker. Henry is now 13, which is pretty weird. Not to mention, he's seven feet tall, semi-translucent, and goes by the name Gafardrophon. He doesn't so much speak as he intones. I don't mind the intoning, but the gliding around instead of walking is a bit much. Kids these days!