Updates and horn tooting

Question: why do people always say "Not to toot my own horn, but..."? Why is it unseemly to toot your own horn? I would think if you have a horn, you should toot it. What, you have to wait around for other people to toot the horn that you, the horn-owner, could toot at any moment? Isn’t that unseemly? I’m going to yell out at people, “Hey you, toot my horn”? Where has dignity gone? I’m a married woman! My horn-tooting activity is sacred and between me and my spouse! I can’t remember what I was talking about! All the blood’s left my head. 

Okay, a couple of exciting things: First of all, since last I mentioned the podcast, we published two new episodes: one with the comedian and author Sara Benincasa, and one with just me and Deanna goofing it up. You should listen to them! If you haven't already. Or, hell, even if you have. And then The Guardian published this amazing story about us. And now we have hundreds more subscribers! The pressure’s on. Fortunately I’m incredibly confident and have no issues whatsoever. 

But that’s not all! I was also nominated for an Iris Award for best writing [Edited to add: and The League of Awkward Unicorns was nominated for best podcast!]. It’s such a delight to be nominated for my writing mere months after I stumbled my way back into this here blog. Thank you, nice people who did that. Whoever you are. 

In conclusion, commenter Gina provided the following video, in response to my post about that one time I got too high. I share it with you now, without comment. Except one comment: Do not watch if you’re too high. Also: oh my god. And: DEMON GHOST BABY.