Things are happening!

I have a new blog design! Deanna made it pretty and gave me space to include more professional stuff. Thus enabling me to get assignments what pay money. I’m sure you all thought I was still getting residuals from that hand-modeling stint I did in the 80s, but it turns out that was all a lie. 

(In seventh grade, I did tell my classmates that I was a professional hand model. I also told them that I was sometimes mistaken for Linda Ronstadt. These were my two foolproof tactics for winning the love of my peers.) 

(Boy, Alice may be kinda weird, but when her hands move through the air, it’s as if doves have been let loose in the lab room. Did you hear she gets mobbed at Record World?  No one ever said these things about me. But oh, how I dreamed.) 

See that “sign up” button on the upper right? Every Friday I’ll be sending out a newsletter. It will provide links to fun things! It will contain secret information I’m not sharing on the blog! It will include early announcements on courses I’m putting together right now! Newsletter subscribers will get deals on said courses! Subscribe! 

I know that was a real onslaught of exclamation points, but notice how you're uncontrollably excited right now? Exclamation points generate instant enthusiasm. They're magic. They provide that “wow” factor you can’t get with words. (This is the kind of genius insight I'll be sharing in my future courses. I mean: in my future courses!)

After you're done subscribing, you should check out the fun site Deanna created: Demon Day Care.  Do you have an inner voice telling you how lazy and/or inept you are? Criticizing your life choices? Wondering why you chose those pants when everyone knows you can't pull off the skinny look? You got yourself a demon, friend, and lucky for you we have an uninsured, unaccredited daycare where you can drop off said demon and let it run loose for as long as you want. While you enjoy psychic freedom, Demon Day Care will keep you lil' monster relatively safe and more or less unharmed. You can get updates on your demon's adorable antics. It's pretty fun. (Oh, and I helped with the copy.) 

Okay that's all but more soon, Okay bye. Okay.