Announcing Writing Jumpstart

Exciting news: I've revised and expanded my Practice of Writing course! Now rechristened Writing Jumpstart, I've added a bunch of new features. I'm hosting it on a cool new platform, and I can't wait to share it with you. 


The course is launching in September but there's a special pre-launch price.

By launch time, the course will cost $345, but I'm offering it now for $245. 

Size is limited to 30 people and slots are already filling up! 

I'm also offering 31 Writing Prompts, which you can purchase right now for $30. If you sign up for Writing Jumpstart, you automatically receive the writing prompts for free. If you buy the writing prompts only, that amount will be discounted from your Writing Jumpstart fee, if and when you ever sign up. So basically it's always free. I think maybe I'm actually paying you. Shhh. My logic is sound. 

More course information is here! Let me know, as always, if you have questions, comments, etc. 

Writing Jumpstart is an introductory-level course, created for people with little to no creative writing experience. (It’s also useful for more experienced writers who feel blocked or uninspired!) It is appropriate for students interested in nonfiction (memoir, personal essay, blogging) and/or fiction (short stories or novels). We will only be discussing work produced for the course and will focus on creating new work (as opposed to revising). Students should not bring previous work to the course.

The course contains 30 lectures (written or in downloadable audio format). Each lecture includes a writing prompt, to help you spark new ideas and take your writing down new avenues. You'll try out memoir, fiction, and even poetry.

You'll also get 31 Writing Prompts for free (and immediately accessible—no waiting for course launch!) 

Writing Jumpstart is self-directed. There are six weeks of content goodness, but you can work at your own pace, on your own time.

And you’ll be part of a supportive community of fellow writers. You can comment on the course website, after each lecture. Once the course launches you'll automatically be invited to join our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and discuss your work. And, of course, you'll have me on hand—on Facebook and via email—to provide all the encouragement you need.

Module 1: Establishing Your Writing Habit. How to create a habit; the importance of ritual and reward; the concept of “deep practice”

Module 2: Make Friends with Fear. Getting to know your “lizard brain” and how it can trip you up; strategies for befriending it and/or distracting it with something shiny while you get work done

Module 3: Getting Crafty. Digging deeper into the craft of writing with in-depth exercises; writing about family; why details are so important; making trouble on the page

Module 4: Let’s Get Inspired. Video interviews with author Jessie Sholl (“Dirty Secret”) and author/actor Julie Klausner (“Terrible People”); reading for inspiration; getting out of the doldrums; why it’s never too late and you’re never too old (with examples)

Module 5: Writing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint. How to keep your habit going; keeping yourself accountable; dealing with other people’s expectations

Module 6: Tying It All Together. Everything you need to fly away from the nest, my little nestling!